Membership Benefits

We are a worldwide network of ikebana artist ready to share “friendship through flowers”

Meetings & Workshops

  • General Workshops (MEMBERS ONLY) provide a cultural program and one or more demonstrations from one of our many local artists. Ginza and lunch are provided.
  • Discounts for members to our Luncheons & Demonstrations.
  • Participation in local, monthly Area Workshop(s).  offering additional programs with demonstration and opportunity for hands-on experience.
  • Ability to demonstrate in our Annual Exhibit to the public.
  • Online and printed Membership Directory.
  • Become skilled at learning flower identification and preparing flowers and foliage for arranging.
  • Access to wholesale flower purchasing.
  • Eligible to join Ikebana International’s 161 chapters worldwide. You can participate in chapters’ monthly meetings, enjoy ikebana demonstrations, exhibitions, workshops, fairs and other activities all around the world when you travel.


  • Ikebana International Magazine – A high quality magazine, printed on glossy paper, richly illustrated with color plates of ikebana-related topics and other cultural arts of Japan.
  • I.I. Activities – A newsletter on the activities of Ikebana International and its chapters around the world.
  • Sakura News – A newsletter reporting Ikebana International’s organizational news and events.
  • Washington, D.C., Chapter No. 1 Newsletter –  A bimonthly publication that reports on Chapter news, business, events and activities and is provided via email and mail to our members .
  • Chapter No.1 Highlight News – A monthly publication with reminders and current events, emailed to our members.

Study with Teachers

  • We  ensure that our teachers hold the necessary documents in the ikebana schools they are teaching.  We maintain a complete list of our qualified teachers you can study with.

About Us

Petals I amass with such tenderness prick me to the quick.
Haiku by Kobayashi Issa, loose translation by Michael R. Burch

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