Need Assistance with a Program?

Chapter No.1. offers garden clubs, social organizations/clubs, senior living communities, school programs and church groups, associations, organizations or businesses the opportunity to learn about ikebana through demonstrations or workshops (which includes creating an ikebana arrangement).  If you are planning an event, our artists will turn the ordinary into a cultural adventure into the world of flower arts.  Regardless of the size or age of your group, we offer something different and new.

Ikebana artists can provide a demonstration of ikebana, a hands-on workshop or provide spectacular ikebana arrangements (large or small table top) for any program or event.  Costs include the artist fee, flowers, travel expenses, parking and material costs and are based on number and size of arrangements, demonstration or participants in the workshop.  We can work with your budget.

Representatives of groups looking for a unique program for their members may Contact Us to schedule.