Outreach to our Community

The Washington, D.C. Chapter No.1  was founded by Ellen Gordon Allen, founder of Ikebana International Japan.  As the first chapter to be created outside of Japan, we have been teaching, demonstrating and practicing the “way of flowers” in the Washington metropolitan area for 60 years.   We provide direct community support through our Liaison Officers to the Japanese Embassy, U.S. National Arboretum, Sumi-e Society, National Capital Area Garden Clubs, Washington-Tokyo Women’s Club and our Ikebana Research Libraries.

We work closely with our local Ikebana Schools to ensure that classes and programs are supported.  In addition, we host an annual Exhibition open to the public.

Assisting with Cultural Events

If your group or organization is planning a Japanese event, we can  assist you.  We can coordinate with our ikebana schools and  artists, most  with extensive experience to provide  spectacular ikebana arrangement (large arrangements or small table top); demonstration by one of our many ikebana teachers or students. Our artists can provide a demonstration for a special program or  event.   Hiring an ikebana experts will lend an authentic ambiance to any event.

Please Contact Us to schedule through our Special Events Chair.  The flower/labor costs is based on number and size of arrangements or demonstration.

Teacher Verifications

We  ensure that our teachers hold the necessary documents in the ikebana school they are teaching.  We maintain a complete list of our qualified teachers who can provide your lessons or demonstrations.

 Reference and Research Libraries

The U.S. National Agricultural Library contains rare books and magazines on ikebana.

 Ellen Gordon Allen Fund