SB 2 – Rome 1954-1956

This page includes links to articles and pictures of our historical scrapbook entitled Rome 1954 – 1956

This scrapbook, the second of six in the Ellen Gordon Allen Collection, covers her time living in Rome while her husband, General George Allen, was the Chief of Military Assistance Group at the American Embassy.  During that time, Mrs. Allen taught ikebana in the Ohara School and promoted the art of ikebana among the international community.  The scrapbook includes photographs from Mrs. Allen’s ikebana class graduations and exhibitions, and pictures and correspondence from Mrs. Clare Booth Luce, the U.S. Ambassador to Italy at the time.

This file contains all the pictures in the album in a single PDF format that you can print.         Rome  1954-1956
To see individual pictures go to this album.   To download a picture, select it, click on the menu represented by three vertical dots on the right-hand corner, select DOWNLOAD and save to a file on your device.

The scrapbook materials are presented in two formats.  A PDF file in text and a picture gallery where each page or two pages were captured as .jpeg files.   .tiff files also exist and may be used for future projects where high-quality pictures are needed, but these are not added to this website. If you need access to the .tiff files please contact either the historian or the web administrator.