SB 7 – Epilogue: Tributes & Additional Documents

This file contains memorial tributes for Ellen Gordon Allen, who died on June 10, 1972, and a copy of the publication “Ikebana International:  Our Founders Story and History of Chapter #1”.

This file contains all the pictures in the album in a single PDF format that you can print  Epilogue: Tributes and Other Documents

Individual pictures can be seen by accessing this album.  To download a picture, select it, click on the menu represented by three vertical dots on the right-hand corner, select DOWNLOAD and save to a file on your device.

The scrapbook materials are presented in two formats.  A PDF file in text and a picture gallery where each page or two pages were captured as .jpeg files.   .tiff files also exist and may be used for future projects where high-quality pictures are needed, but these are not added to this website. If you need access to the .tiff files please contact either the historian or the web administrator.