Ikebana Resources & Useful Links

Ikebana and Garden Club Organizations

Ikebana Headquarters
Ikebana International North America Region
National Garden Clubs
National Capital Area Garden Clubs
Garden Club of Virginia
Federated Garden Clubs of Maryland

Research Libraries

Smithsonian  Libraries    (Botany & Horticulture Library)  Email: AskaLibrarian@si.edu or Call 202-633-1685 for an appointment.

Freer/Sackler Library  Call 202-633-0477 (Reading Room) Enter through Sackler and request library pass

Japan Information & Cultural Center,  Embassy of Japan

US National Agricultural Library (NAL)
The U.S. National Agricultural Library contains rare books and magazines on ikebana. U.S. NATIONAL AGRICULTURAL LIBRARY (NAL) 10301 Baltimore Avenue, Beltsville, MD 20705.  The NAL contains ikebana books, magazines and items which were previously housed at the National Arboretum.  Appointments for the Library and the Special Collections are required – please call 301-504-5755

Interesting ikebana-related sites

National Arboretum  
Keith Stanley sharing ikebana
Japanese Art of Flower Arranging -Books
Asian Art Museum
Japan Information and Culture Center
District Clay Gallery
Ikebana for Kids
Ikebana Today by Jeffrey Hayes
Website for those who have moved to the United States – Reflection on Japan culture
Japan Talk
National Bonsai Foundation