The name of this Chapter shall be Ikebana International Washington, D.C. Chapter No. 1, Inc., a cultural, nonprofit, Chapter of Ikebana International with Headquarters in Tokyo, Japan.
ARTICLE II: Objectives
Section 1: The objectives of this Chapter shall be to stimulate, cultivate, and perpetuate the study of ikebana, and related arts and culture throughout the world.
Section 2: Further objectives of this Chapter shall be to strengthen relationships among masters, teachers and students of ikebana, and others interested in the ideals of Ikebana International through mutual cooperation with other Ikebana International Chapters.
Section 3: The motto shall be “Friendship through Flowers”
ARTICLE III: Membership
Section 1: Membership shall be open to all persons whose objectives are in accordance with Article II.
Section 2: Membership
1. Regular Members
1.1 Regular Members in good standing are those whose International and Chapter dues have been paid to the Chapter. Through this Chapter, which shall be known as their Primary Chapter, they may exercise International and Chapter voting privileges, and hold office.
1.2 A Regular Member in good standing who relocates residence may transfer from one Primary Chapter to another new Primary Chapter upon presentation of a current Membership Card or receipt for the current year’s dues.
1.3 Associate: A Regular Member of a Primary Chapter may join other Chapters by paying only the Chapter dues; such Members shall not have International and Chapter voting privileges in those other Chapters, and may not hold office in those Chapters.
2. Honorary Members
2.1 Honorary membership in the Chapter may be extended to those individuals or organizations who have rendered outstanding service to the Chapter.
2.2 Honorary membership in individual Chapters is based on criteria established by the Chapter.
2.3 International dues for this Chapter’s Honorary Members shall be paid by their sponsoring Chapter.
2.4 The International Board of Directors may exempt a new Chapter from paying International dues for one Honorary Member for up to three years.
2.5 Honorary Members shall have, without payment of Chapter dues, all the privileges of Chapter Members with the exception of voting and holding office. An Honorary Member may become a Regular Member by paying the International and Chapter dues, and then would be able to vote and hold office.
2.6 The spouse of the Ambassador of Japan, while in residence at the Embassy of Japan, Washington, D.C., shall be, with their consent, an Honorary Member of this Chapter.
3. Standards and Qualifications
3.1 Any member of Ikebana International who exhibits ikebana in the name of this organization, publicly or in any publication shall identify the arrangements by the name of the school. Exceptions may be granted by the Chapter Board of Directors.
3.2 Any member of Ikebana International who teaches or who demonstrates ikebana publicly, and in so doing identifies in any way with this organization, must hold the minimum qualifications of a teacher’s diploma received from a recognized school of ikebana.
3.3 Exhibits using the name of this organization shall be identified as educational and non-competitive.
ARTICLE IV: Business Year and Dues
Section 1: The business year shall be from July 1 through June 30.
Section 2: Dues for each Regular Member shall be (a) equal to 6,000 yen for international dues, and (b) a sum, recommended by the Finance Committee and voted on yearly at the April Board meeting for Chapter No. 1, Inc.’s operating expenses. The total amount of dues required per Member, shall be presented by the Treasurer to the Chapter Board for approval at the April Chapter Board Meeting for a vote and be published in the May-June newsletter. Local Chapter dues for Associate Members shall be determined at the April Chapter Board Meeting.
Section 3: Regular Members who have a current Membership Card or receipt for current membership dues, and who relocate residence to another location shall be accepted as Members of their new Primary Chapter in good standing for the remainder of the year.
Section 4: Honorary Members shall be exempted automatically from payment of Chapter dues.
Section 5: Membership shall be terminated automatically if a Member’s annual dues have not been paid by June 1. Membership can be reinstated upon payment of current dues, and subsequent issues of publications will be sent; back issues of publications will be sent if available. Members in arrears in dues shall not be listed in the Chapter Yearbook. Payment of dues to I.I. Headquarters shall be submitted prior to July 1 by the Chapter Treasurer.
Section 6: Membership dues shall not be refunded for any reason including resignation, expulsion, or death.

ARTICLE V: Government, Duties, and Responsibilities
Section 1: The governing body of this Chapter shall be known as the Chapter Board, under the general management of the International Board of Directors, with the Chapter’s Elected Directors and Chairpersons of Standing Committees responsible for Chapter government.
Section 2: The Chapter Board shall consist of the Elected Directors, the Standing Committee Chairpersons and Area Workshop Chairpersons. Special Committee Chairpersons and Ikebana School Liaison Officers may attend Board Meetings by invitation but shall have no voting privileges.
Section 3: The immediate Past President may be a Member of the Chapter Board but shall have no voting privileges unless elected or appointed to a position with voting privileges.
Section 4: Duties of the Chapter Board
1. Exercise all power and authority over the affairs of the Chapter in the interim between meetings of the Chapter.
2. Formulate Chapter policies and procedures.
3. Implement directives from International Headquarters in the most expeditious manner for the common good of Ikebana International and this Chapter.
4. Insure full compliance with local and national laws governing an organization such as Ikebana International.
5. Conduct all the business of the Chapter not specified as belonging to the Executive Directors or Committee Chairpersons.
6. Consider and act upon business referred to it by the membership, and report on such action at the following meeting.

Section 5: Duties of Elected Directors
1. The President shall preside at all meetings of the Chapter and of the Chapter Board. The President shall be the official contact of this Chapter with Ikebana International Headquarters, Tokyo Japan, and the official representative of this Chapter at meetings of cooperating and affiliated organizations. The President shall, with the approval of the Chapter Board, appoint Chairpersons of Standing and Special Committees and shall serve as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee. The President shall appoint the Parliamentarian. The President shall appoint the chairperson of each committee except the Nominating Committee, the Budget Committee and the Area Workshop Chairpersons.
2. The First Vice-President, in the absence of the President, shall perform the duties of the President and shall succeed to the office of President should a vacancy occur. The First Vice-President shall be second contact (Chapter Coordinator) with I.I. Headquarters and shall be the Chapter contact with the local branches of the schools of ikebana. Additionally, the First Vice-President shall be coordinator of the social activities of the Chapter.
3. The Second Vice-President, in the absence of the President and the First Vice-President, shall perform the duties of the President. In addition, the Second Vice-President shall be Chairman of the Program Committee.
4. The Third Vice-President, in the absence of the President, the First Vice-President, and the Second Vice-President shall perform the duties of the President. In addition, the Third Vice-President shall be the Chairman of the Membership Committee and shall
4.1. Prepare necessary forms as requested by Ikebana International Headquarters including Form C (Membership Registration Form) and Form D (Changes and Transfers) to be submitted with payment of dues to I.I. Headquarters prior to July 1.
4.2. Notify Members whose dues are in arrears.
5. The Recording Secretary shall keep an accurate record of all the business transacted at all meetings of the Chapter and the Chapter Board and shall present the minutes for approval at the succeeding meeting.
6. The Corresponding Secretary shall conduct the general correspondence of the Chapter as directed by the President and the Chapter Board. The Corresponding Secretary shall complete Chapter Activity Report Form, Membership and List of Elected Directors Form as required by Ikebana International Headquarters.
7. The Treasurer shall
7.1. Be custodian of the Chapter funds, receive all money of this Chapter, keep accurate records of receipts and expenditures, and pay out funds for routine expenses and other expenditures as authorized by the Chapter Board.
7.2. Be the chairperson of the Budget Committee.
7.3. Submit a monthly statement of current finances at each monthly Board Meeting.
7.4. Submit the Membership Registration Form with payment of annual dues to Ikebana International Headquarters prior to July 1.
7.5. At the close of the business year, submit books for audit by a qualified person approved by the Chapter Board.
8. The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Treasurer and assume the duties of the Treasurer should a vacancy occur.
9. The Historian shall keep a record of all Chapter events.
10. The Nominating Director shall act in accordance with the Bylaws, Article VI Section 1, to nominate a slate of Elected Directors biennially with the Chapter Board’s approval. The Nominating Director cannot serve in the same office for more than one term consecutively.
Section 6: Duties of Committees
1. Each Committee’s Chairperson shall be appointed by the Chapter President with approval of the Elected Board of Directors.
2. Standing Committees shall consist of Exhibition, Budget, Hospitality-Protocol, Public Relations and Ways and Means. They shall operate throughout the business year.
2.1. The Budget Committee shall be responsible for preparation of an annual budget for the Chapter. The Budget Committee shall consist of the Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, and the following Committee Chairpersons: Annual Exhibition, Membership, Newsletter, Program, Special Exhibits, Special Events, Ways and Means, Yearbook and others as deemed appropriate.
2.2. The Exhibition Committee shall coordinate and implement all exhibitions.
2.3. The Hospitality-Protocol Committee shall be responsible for all hosting functions and for special courtesies to guests.
2.4. The Public Relations Committee shall be responsible for notification of meetings and exhibitions through the media including newspapers, bulletins, and television. The Committee shall endeavor to have an official press photographer present at regular meetings and to keep the public aware of the goals of Ikebana International. The Public Relations Chairperson shall send copies of all publicity items and photographs of programs or exhibitions to Ikebana International Headquarters for the permanent Chapter records. These shall accompany Chapter Activity Report Forms.
2.5. The Ways and Means Committee shall be responsible for all fund-raising projects in the name of the Chapter. All funds raised must be used in accordance with Article II.
3. This Chapter shall have as many standing committees as deemed necessary.
4. Special Committees shall be created as needed with approval of the Chapter Board. The Chairpersons of such committees shall be appointed by the President. Chairpersons of Special Committees shall not have a vote on the Chapter Board.
ARTICLE VI: Election and Installation of Directors
Section 1: Nominations
1. The Nominating Committee
1.1. The Nominating Committee shall consist of the Nominating Director, the immediate Past President as advisor without vote, and the Chairpersons or Vice chairpersons of each Area Workshop.
1.2. Nominating Committee Members shall not serve on this committee for more than 2 consecutive years.
1.3. A Nominating Committee Member cannot be a candidate for election in the business year for which the Committee is preparing nominations. Those who wish to be nominated must resign from the Nominating Committee.
2. Candidates
2.1. Candidates for office shall be nominated by the Nominating Committee with the approval of the Board of Directors. No elected Director shall succeed to the same office except the Treasurer. This exception must be approved by the Nominating Committee.
2.2. The candidate for the office of President shall have served on the Chapter Board for a period of at least one business year.
2.3. Additional nominations may be made from the floor, provided that the consent of the nominee has been secured.
3. Slate of Nominations
3.1. The Nominating Committee shall prepare a slate of one nominee for each office on the Board of Directors. The slate shall be presented at the March meeting of the Board of Directors at the latest.
3.2. After approval by the Board of Directors, the slate of nominees shall be submitted to the Chapter membership by publication in the Chapter newsletter immediately prior to the Chapter’s Annual General Meeting.
Section 2: Election of Directors
1. The elected Directors of this Chapter shall be: President, First Vice-President, Second Vice President, Third Vice President, Recording Secretary, Corresponding Secretary, Treasurer, Assistant Treasurer, Historian and Nominating Director. Directors shall be elected for a term of 2 years at the Chapter Annual General Meeting in May and shall be installed and take office in June.
2. Voting shall be by written ballot unless there is a single slate, in which case declaration of election by acclamation shall be authorized. A vote by mail may be authorized when deemed necessary.
3. A candidate receiving a majority vote shall be deemed elected.
ARTICLE VII: Meetings and Quorum
Section 1: Program Meetings
The Chapter shall hold a minimum of 5 program meetings annually.
The Chapter shall hold a minimum of three General Workshop meetings annually from September through June, at which time business may be conducted if deemed necessary. The Annual General Meeting in May may coincide with the third General Workshop. Only members in good standing may attend General Workshop meetings; there will be no guests. There shall be three luncheon program meetings for members and guests, at which time business may be conducted if considered necessary by the President. The President with the approval of the Board of Directors may, if necessary, substitute another Chapter event for one or more of the workshop or luncheon meetings.
Section 2: Annual General Meeting (AGM)
1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held in May.
2. Powers of the Annual General Meetings:
2.1 Election (with installation in June)
2.2 Other important matters
3. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting
3.1 The Minutes of the Annual General Meeting shall be recorded in English.
3.2 The Minutes shall be approved by the Board of Directors, shall contain at least the following matters and shall be signed and/or sealed by the President and the Recording Secretary.
3.3 Contents of Minutes
3.3.1 Objective matters, including the date and place of the meeting.
3.3.2 Total membership of the Chapter and the number of Members present.
3.3.3 The substance of the proceedings of the meeting and any results thereof.
Section 3: Meetings of the Board of Directors
1. Regular meetings of the Board of Directors shall be convened monthly at least 9 times per year by the President. A meeting may be cancelled by majority vote of the Executive Committee. Other Board Meetings of the Association shall be convened by the President upon the request of not fewer than three Directors.
2. In case of matters requiring immediate attention, when an Extraordinary Board Meeting cannot be convened immediately, the President shall take action upon consultation with the Elected Directors. A report pertaining to those urgent matters discussed and action taken shall be presented for approval to the next regularly scheduled Board of Directors’ meeting.
Section 4: Quorum
1. A quorum at any General or Special meeting shall consist of a majority of voting members present.
Section 5: Area Workshops
1. An Area Workshop is composed of a small group of Ikebana International members living in proximity who meet informally for study and friendship. Only Ikebana International members may become members of Area Workshops. Area Workshops may be formed by the Board of Directors at the request of the membership.
2. Each Area Workshop shall schedule meetings at the discretion of the members with an instructive program and/or ikebana practice by the members, in accordance with Article II: Objectives.
3. The Chairperson of each Area Workshop shall be elected by the membership of that workshop for a term of two years at the workshop’s May meeting. The Chairperson or Vice Chairperson, is entitled to vote at the Board of Directors meetings. The Chairperson or the Vice Chairperson shall be a member of the Nominating Committee.
4. Area Workshop Chairpersons may succeed themselves only once. The President, Newsletter Chairperson and Yearbook Chairperson must be notified of any change in Area Workshop officers.
5. Officers of Area Workshops, other committee chairpersons and/or officers can be selected at the discretion of the Area Workshops.
6. Members of Ikebana International Chapter 1 may join one or more Area Workshops. Chapter members may visit other Area Workshops.
7. Guests may be invited to an Area Workshop.
ARTICLE VIII: Amendments
These Bylaws may be amended at a regular meeting by a two-thirds affirmative vote of those voting Members present, provided that the proposed amendments have been approved by the Chapter Board and the International Board of Directors, and that copies of amendments have been mailed to Chapter Members at least two weeks prior to the meeting.
ARTICLE IX: Disposition of Funds
Upon dissolution of the Chapter, after all outstanding debts have been paid, none of the Chapter earnings shall be used for the benefit of any private individual or member or of any shareholder. In case of said dissolution or termination of the Washington, D.C. Chapter No. 1, Inc. its assets shall be disposed of in accordance with the law of the State of Maryland to a legally recognized charitable or education tax-exempt institution of the United States to be selected by the Board of Directors whose decision shall be final.
ARTICLE X: Authority
The most recent edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern this Chapter in all applicable cases.
Approved on May 12, 2014
A. No unbudgeted donations will be given or solicitations made without the approval of two-thirds of the Board of Directors present and voting. These shall conform to Maryland and Federal codes governing non-profit organizations.
B. Books by our founder, Mrs. Ellen Gordon Allen, may be offered for sale by the Chapter.
C. Gifts may be presented to departing Honorary Members at the discretion of the Executive Board. Such gifts in excess of $50.00 must be approved by the Board. The money will come from the Contingency Fund.
D. Anyone wishing to sell items at an I.I. function must get approval from the Ways and Means Chairman and must give a predetermined percentage of the profits to the Chapter.
E. Reimbursement for Chapter Activities
1. The budget for materials used by demonstrators for the three General Workshops shall not exceed $500.00. An honorarium of $150.00 per General Workshop will be given with a maximum of $100.00 per demonstrator. These amounts are to be allocated at the discretion of the General Workshop Chairman.
2. Chapter member luncheon demonstrators may be reimbursed up to $200.00 for materials with an honorarium of $200.00
3. Each Luncheon and General Workshop demonstrator shall be given a set of photographic prints of the demonstration by the Visual Historian.
4. Chapter members presenting demonstrations in the name of the Chapter and at the request of the Chapter shall be reimbursed $50.00 for materials with an honorarium of $100.00. The reimbursement contract may be negotiated based on requirements of the demonstration.
5. Chapter members presenting demonstrations or programs in the Name of the Chapter for educational purposes, e.g. to schools, retirement homes or like organizations, may be reimbursed for materials and honorarium as necessary up to $300.00 per event, not to exceed $1,500.00 per year. Such reimbursement shall be pre-approved by application to the Ellen Gordon Allen Memorial Fund Committee.
6. If the Chapter is requested to present demonstrations or arrangements by an organization known to have available Funds, the Chapter shall negotiate appropriate funding for the demonstrator, materials, etc.
7. Chapter area workshops may be reimbursed by the Chapter Treasurer $50.00 for demonstrations. Such reimbursement shall not exceed $350.00 per workshop per year.
F. Reimbursement for Special Chapter Activities
1. International Convention and Regional Conference registration fees shall be paid for delegates. Each delegate is required to attend all business meetings and submit a written report to the Chapter.
2. In recognition and support of the Ikebana International World Convention, a patron donation of $500.00 and a subscription for a full-page ad in the program booklet will be forwarded to the Convention Chairman prior to the date of the Convention, upon written request.
3. In recognition and support of North American Regional Conferences a patron donation of $300.00 and a subscription to a full-page ad in the program booklet will be forwarded to the Conference Chairman prior to the date of the Conference, upon written request.
4. In recognition and support of a visiting Headmaster/Headmistress to a local ikebana school chapter, upon written request from the local chapter, an advertisement may be placed in the program booklet, not to exceed $200.00.
5. Guidance to the Budget Committee and Treasurer to implement the above suggestions is to establish a conference Contingency Fund as a line item in each annual budget (estimated at $1000.00 per annum).
G. Reimbursement for expenses incurred by a Master on a visit to the Chapter will be covered by a written contract and only the Master’s expenses and that of one Assistant will be met by the Chapter.
A. Board members are expected to attend monthly board meetings. The President should be notified in advance, of absence.
B. The Recording Secretary shall supply copies of all minutes to the President, the Treasurer, the Historian, the Bylaws and the Newsletter Chairpersons.
A. Membership of the Chapter shall be limited to 450 persons exclusive of Honorary Members, chapter transfers and reinstatement of former members.
B. A member in good standing denotes a member who has paid current dues.
C. Area Workshop Chairmen shall contact new members in their area and invite their participation.
D. New members who submit application for membership according to the Chapter By-laws after November 15, and pay $25.00 to the Washington, D.C. Chapter No. 1 shall become Prospective Members (local chapter members only). These members may participate in all Washington Chapter activities including Area Workshops, but will not have international membership and will not receive the Ikebana International magazine. This member status is a privilege which is not renewable. Upon payment of Chapter dues by the following June 1, Prospective Members will receive full member status of Ikebana International.
A. The Washington Chapter Ellen Gordon Allen Memorial Fund shall be established to accept contributions to provide for the beautification and expansion of the Ellen Gordon Allen Memorial Garden at the U.S. National Arboretum or other projects as deemed appropriate by the Board of I.I. Washington, D.C. Chapter No. 1.
B. The First Vice President shall serve as the liaison with the U.S. National Arboretum to ascertain the needs, progress and extension of the Ellen Gordon Allen Memorial Garden. An annual report of information and contributed funds shall be submitted to the Chapter membership through the Newsletter.
C. Upon the death of Charter Members and/or active members, a $25.00 contribution will be made by the Chapter to the Washington Chapter Ellen Gordon Allen Memorial Fund and a letter sent to the family. A contribution may be made at the discretion of the Board upon the death of former members.
News of area branches of ikebana schools which may be published in the Newsletter will be flower exhibition dates or other special events that are open to the public.
The Annual General May meeting may be held in conjunction with the May General Workshop.
These standing rules may be changed or suspended by a two-thirds vote by the Board of Directors; however, if notice of such prospective action has been given in a preceding meeting, only a majority vote is required.
Adopted: June 2000 Revised: April 2001; October 2006; February 5, 2008; February 3, 2009; October 4, 2011, February 7, 2012; April 3, 2012, May 5, 2014.